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1 : Something mysterious; a mystery.

2 : The state or quality of being mysterious.

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1 : Mysteriousness


Something mysterious; a mystery.

2 : Mysteriousness


The state or quality of being mysterious.

This word mysteriousness uses (14) total characters with white space

This word mysteriousness uses (14) total characters with white out space

This word mysteriousness uses 10 unique characters: E I M N O R S T U Y

Number of all permutations npr for mysteriousness word is (3628800)

Number of all combination ncr for mysteriousness word is (3628800)

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mysterious +‎ -ness


mysteriousness (usually uncountable, plural mysteriousnesses)

  1. The quality of being mysterious.
    • 1651, Jeremy Taylor, Twenty-Seven Sermons for the Summer Half-Year, Sermon II, Part II in ΕΝΙΑΥΤΟΣ: A Course of Sermons for All the Sundays of the Year, London: Tyler & Royston, 1668, p. 14, [1]
      This may seem strange; and indeed it is so: and it is one of the great mysteriousnesses of the Gospel.
    • 1817, Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey, Chapter 5, [2]
      This sort of mysteriousness, which is always so becoming in a hero, threw a fresh grace in Catherine's imagination around his person and manners, and increased her anxiety to know more of him.
    • 1920, Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence, Book II, Chapter XXXIV, [3]
      His children had urged him to travel: Mary Chivers had felt sure it would do him good to go abroad and "see the galleries." The very mysteriousness of such a cure made her the more confident of its efficacy.
    • 1970, Martin Buber, I and Thou, translated by Walter Kaufmann, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, First Part, p. 56,
      And all this is not changed by adding "mysterious" experiences to "manifest" ones, self-confident in the wisdom that recognizes a secret compartment in things, reserved for the initiated, and holds the key, O mysteriousness without mystery, O piling up of information! It, it, it!