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1 : To affirm again.

2 : Alt. of Reaffirmation

3 : A second affirmation.

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1 : Reaffirm

v. t.

To affirm again.

2 : Reaffirmance


Alt. of Reaffirmation

3 : Reaffirmation


A second affirmation.

This word reaffirm uses (8) total characters with white space

This word reaffirm uses (8) total characters with white out space

This word reaffirm uses 6 unique characters: A E F I M R

Number of all permutations npr for reaffirm word is (720)

Number of all combination ncr for reaffirm word is (720)

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re- +‎ affirm


reaffirm (third-person singular simple present reaffirms, present participle reaffirming, simple past and past participle reaffirmed)

  1. To affirm again.
  2. To bolster or support.
    The recent tragedy only served to reaffirm his faith.


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